Meet Local Artisan,
Dean Garnes

Discover a world of unique woodcraft with Dean Garnes, a self-taught artisan who specializes in crafting custom furniture, decor, and cabinetry. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, turning your dreams into stunning wooden creations. Explore his woodworking wonders now!

Dean Garnes, Artistan Woodworking

Dean's Journey

Dean’s journey as a woodworker began when a Haywood County gentleman introduced him to the art of wood carving. Intrigued by the process, he quickly became captivated with woodworking. His passion grew further when he met another Haywood County gentleman who sold him woodworking equipment for a bargain. With his newfound tools, Dean started his woodworking venture right in the backyard of his home. A few years later another Haywood County gentleman built a workshop in Clyde, NC but shortly passed away leaving his children to sell his home. Dean purchased the home realizing his dream as a reality. This 1200 square foot workshop was the opportunity of a lifetime. Dean acknowledges the talent and contribution of these three gentlemen from Haywood County.

Carving a New Path

Dean grappled with the challenge of leaving his regular job to venture into entrepreneurship. This had been a recurring topic of discussion within his family for several years. Then, unexpectedly, Dean received troubling news when the local paper mill, his workplace for 23 years, closed abruptly without any prior notice. Suddenly faced with a pivotal moment, Dean contemplated numerous choices, including the possibility of moving or seeking alternative employment. However, deep inside, he was certain that his genuine passion lay in embracing woodworking as a full-time pursuit.

His hobby, Backyard Wood Creations, evolved into Innovation Woodworking, LLC, which has become his new full-time occupation. He worked with trees in the most processed state at the paper mill, and now he is closer than ever to them, as he works with trees in their pure/raw form. Equipped with his vast experience, Dean is now prepared to bring his artistic vision to fruition. His woodworking abilities are incredibly versatile, allowing him to craft almost anything from wood.

From Raw to Refined

Dean holds a degree in machining, from the local community college, Haywood Community College. This educational qualification not only enriches his skill set but also enables him to infuse precision and technical expertise into his creations, elevating their quality and craftsmanship.

As Innovation Woodworking opens its doors, Dean invites the community to witness the culmination of his lifelong passion. With his meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality, he aims to exceed the expectations of every customer who walks through his workshop’s doors.

Whether it’s a unique furniture piece that perfectly complements a home’s aesthetics or a bespoke cabinetry solution tailored to individual needs, Dean is ready to bring his clients’ visions to reality. Innovation Woodworking promises to be a haven for those seeking handcrafted, one-of-a-kind wooden creations that will stand the test of time.

So, if you’re in search of a true artisan who can transform your woodwork dreams into tangible masterpieces, look no further than Dean and his new venture, Innovation Woodworking. Witness the magic unfold as wood comes to life in the hands of a skilled craftsman.

Dean Garnes, Artistan Woodworking